Mal Peet

Mal Peet

1947 - 2015

In Memoriam

Mal's books have touched millions of hearts. We invite you to share your thoughts and feelings with other readers here. This online condolence book will remain open for some weeks, and then will be printed for presentation to his family.

Well you are an inspiration to young boys and young adults and I love your football fiction.

Shea Ferguson -

The Keeper was one of the only sports related books I’ve ever read and I LOVED it. I am so saddened to learn that Mal has passed. He will be missed by many.

J. Sims -

We will remember you.

Jasper White -

Tashi took her bowl of sweet tea outside and stood beside the rough road in the blue morning. The sun had not yet found a way through the mountains, but it was coming; a light the colour of lemons was soaking into the sky and painting out the stars.

I have just finished reading this book to each of my four daughters, who were each truly mesmerised by the beautiful pictures that the words evoked. On reading the above passage from Cloud Tea Monkeys my ten year old looked up at me and beamed a smile of joy.

John Palmer -

Tamar touched my heart in a way no other book ever has – Mal Peet must have had something very special inside. May his spirit live on in his literature.

Archie Vickers -

I found out about Mal’s unique talent not very long ago, and immediately became addicted. I was absolutely obsessed with ‘The Penalty’ and have read it at least 3 times! Thanks Mal, for all the wonderful stories and for being one of my most favourite authors. I searched for this website trying to find my next book and was extremely saddened to find out about this tragic loss. My condolences to Mal’s family and friends. Rest In Peace.

Kuba Williams -

I am really sorry to hear that Mal has died. I was recently given his fantastic book ‘Keeper’ & enjoyed it so much that I wanted to tell Mal how good it was. Today I searched for him & was very sad to see that he has died. It is a great book & as a goalkeeper myself it seemed to be written by someone who really understood what goalkeepers actually do & feel. I am now reading it again to my 11yr old son who is also a goalkeeper & he loves it too. I have many books on goalkeeping – but this has to be the best one as it is different & really understands how it feels to stand in a goal. I wish I could have told Mal this myself. Best wishes to his family, Doug Nash in Aldershot.

Doug Nash -

From Mountain View, California
What a time to discover Mr. Peet. Sad to hear he is gone.

Steven Banks -

I am a US writer of kids and young adults books and I just finished The Mudstone Trilogy. I loved it. Couldn’t put it down. When I finished, the first I said was, I want to meet this author. I’ve got to meet him!
I’m so sorry I missed the opportunity, and I’m very sorry for your loss. I’m going to read the rest of his books now. I am so very inspired. Thank you Mal.

Suzanne Selfors -

I was in 7th grade when I first heard of Mal. The book was Keeper, and when I was instantly hooked. I went on to read many of the other Paul Faustino novels and I loved them too. One day I decided to look up the author, to see if he had any other series’. When I googled his name I found this website, and I was deeply saddened. Mal was a rare and talented author, and he will be missed by me, and all of his other fans.

Gabe Labadie -

Expecting to find Mal’s website upon conducting a Google search of his name, I was deeply saddened to find this condolences page. What a mark he has left on the writing world, an often overlooked mark as perhaps his work is not particularly recognised among teenagers my age. I will strive to alter this factor, and bring his work to the eyes of young adults. There has not been a day where I haven’t stopped and pondered, Life: An Exploded Diagram. The love and connection I have to this book is unexplainable and occasionally incomprehensible to even myself. I was in awe at the masterpiece of the novel for many weeks after. To put readers in the position I feel when I think of his work, is an utter gift and talent. I can only hope to one day write like Mal Peet, and speak to millions of hearts.

Helena Morgan -

I first met Mal at a YLG Conference in Manchester where I had the pleasure of introducing him as a speaker to an enthusiastic audience of children’s librarians. Keeper had been published just a few months before, and all this was quite new to him. We hit it off straight away and he went down a storm – he was funny, thoughtful and entertaining. He was a delightful man and we talked about our shared Norfolk roots and love of reading. Some years later, I read Life: an exploded diagram which more than any other book I’ve read captures what it was like to grow up in rural Norfolk. It’s a book I’ve recommended to all my friends and relations and has been loved by them all. Mal had a wonderful, versatile talent, and he will be very much missed.

Colin Brabazon -

We had the pleasure of meeting Mal in 1997 when he, Elspeth and Tom unexpectedly and delightfully looked after our flat one sweltering Barcelona August. We liked them all immediately, but life being what it is, we didn’t manage to stay in touch.
We have a constant reminder of him as he left us a wonderful picture of Elspeth drinking wine on our terrace which hangs in our flat to this day and which we treasure. Just recently, it occurred to me that I should remind them of that summer and send a copy if the picture, which is when I was shocked and saddened to hear of his passing.
We knew him briefly, but he left a lasting impression of a warm, charming and loving man. Our love and best wishes go to his family.

Jessica & Tom, Barcelona -

Mal Peets books are the only ones I enjoy reading and can reading over and over again. When I was a young teenager and I was reading Keeper or Tamar my family thought I was sick because I couldn’t stop reading when I usually never read. I will never forget your books. Thank you.

Theo -

In Dalyan. So sad to hear of Mal’s passing. Speaking with Taffy,and remembering happy times in Dalyan many years ago. Our sympathy and good wishes to Elspeth, Tom and the family.

Richard, Linda and Taffy -

Upon hearing of Mal’s passing, I am deeply saddened for a number of reasons. 1-Through reading his book (Keeper) I felt “in” the world that the book created, an escape for a mind that constantly seeks peace. 2-This connection went further, not only to the book, the story and characters but the man behind this 3-Anyone would be saddened to hear of a life cut short through a terrible illness 4-His works was a way he touched my life from never meeting to being millions of miles away…Mal was a gift to the world of writing, storytelling and most of all connecting with people through his writing from all walks of life! Rest in peace Thank You

Daniel S. -

M.T. Anderson -

To leave this earth without leaving a trace is sad but true, but to leave it with an epitaph such as yours is truly fantastic.

Doug -

Life: An Exploded Diagram is one my favourite novels, it brought me back to reading after years away. I recommend it to everyone looking for a good story. Thank you for helping me find a passion I thought was gone.

Gary-Jon Lysaght -

Besides feeling so deeply saddened, when thinking of you Mal I can’t help but smile – I had the pleasure of working with Mal last year for the Extreme Imagination festival.  An inspirational gentleman, a wonderful way with words; even through e-mails his personality would shine and he’d have me in fits of laughter – You were taken from us too soon, that’s for sure, though you left many legacies, one being ‘chase your dreams’! Thank you Mal xxx

Cherry Hingston -

Thank you for finding me Mal, you’ll always hold a special place in my heart. You will be sorely missed xx

Amanda Holt -

My teenage son is just discovering Mal, he’s read two of the Paul Faustino books and looking forward to third. His legacy lives on…

Dolores -

Uncle Mal… you were simply the best. Such a kind, funny, loving and talented man. You will be missed so very much, life will not be the same without you. RIP my darling, big hugs

Tabitha -

I had the pleasure of being part of the steering group for Extreme Imagination – a children’s literature festival that Mal was the guest curator of in 2014. He was an insightful presence in each meeting, supportive and generous. I am deeply sad to hear of his passing and look forward to discovering his books with my child in the coming years.

David Lockwood -

Hi Elspeth – I know you’re sad… love you loads

Rhys Graham -

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