Published May 2017 by Nosy Crow.
A boy and his dog set sail in search of treasure, braving stormy seas . . . mountains snowy and cold . . . the forest where the monkeys swing . . . the swamp where the bullfrogs sing . . . and other challenging obstacles, before finally reaching the end of their quest. But wait! Pirate Frank is A GIRL! And she doesn’t want to share. Back home they go, retracing their steps before sailing away to dream of the treasure they’ve lost.

Oxfordshire Book Award – shortlist
Portsmouth Book Award – shortlist

‘Unusually clever and skilfully told this pirate story has echoes of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt both in the way that the narrative grows and builds from page to page and in its lovely surprise ending.’
‘The rhyming text reads aloud perfectly, Jez Tuya’s illustrations are full of a sense of excitement and wonder, and there’s a great deal of adventure packed seemingly effortlessly into the pages.’
LoveReading4Kids (UK)

‘The story, inspired by the tale, The House that Jack Built, has a rhyme that begs to be read aloud, one that children will join in readily. The illustrations leap from every spread with rumbustious energy, drawing in readers.’
‘This book should become a great classic, needing to be read aloud, with friends, with families, in classrooms, on high days and holidays, in libraries, in cafes, and high adventurous places all around the world. Let it fly!’
Books For Keeps ***** (UK)

‘There’s real rhythm and bounce to this story which builds and builds, much like the traditional rhyme of ‘The House that Jack Built.’ This makes it perfect for children to chant along to as they know exactly what’s coming next.
The twist at the end when our two sailors finally find the treasure chest, is a fun and an unexpected surprise.’
‘A perfect adventure for young pirates everywhere.’
Library Girl and Book Boy (UK)

‘This is the boy who wants to find the treasure of Pirate Frank,” opens the authors—and like that, we’re off on a quest! A map of the Island of Spice and Gold shows what stands in the way, and with a cumulative “House That Jack Built” rhythm, the young pirate goes through a swamp, past a forest, over a mountain, beside a volcano, and so on, until reaching the treasure and then heading backward through all of it, and fast. The reason for the quick retreat? It turns out that the treasure is heavily guarded by Pirate Frank—that’s Pirate Sally Frank—and this redheaded, pigtailed, tutu-wearing, skull-and-crossbones-hatsporting pirate is not interested in sharing.’
Booklist (US)

‘A treasure map doesn’t specify all the hazards on the way to a pirate’s hoard.
Modeled on “The House that Jack Built,” the cumulative narrative takes a young buccaneer and his eyepatch-wearing dog over diverse terrains (“This is the swamp where bullfrogs sing / past the forest where monkeys swing / over the mountains snowy and cold / on the island of spice and gold”) to where Pirate Frank’s treasure lies.’
‘As the lad looks like a nebbish and his nemesis, who sports orange Pippi Longstocking–style braids, seems only slightly fiercer, the contretemps has a playful air.’
Kirkus Reviews (US)

‘This book had me at ‘pirate’, but it is so much more than that.’
‘I loved this picture book and its message. It’s very subtle and beautifully embedded into the story…’
Kid’s Book Review (Australia)